Great Place To Work
Great Place To Work
KGiSL Microcollege KG College of Health Sciences

Happiness Unlimited

At its core, "Happiness Unlimited" is not just an initiative; it's a testament to our commitment to crafting a world where wisdom is shared, differences are celebrated, and joy knows no bounds. Join us on this extraordinary venture where every story matters, and every smile has the power to change lives.

What We Do

Professors of Wisdom Program

We invite experienced individuals from the Golden Generation to deliver inspiring talks to the KG family. These interactions are not only great lessons for our young members but also memorable moments for all our distinguished speakers.

Standout moments from the first Wisdom Lectures

“Personality Development for success in life”

“Efficient ways to conserve energy”

“Confidence as a Component of Effective Communication”

“Environmental Impact Assessment & Bio-Safety”

“Road Safety and Implications of Spinal Cord Injury”

“Pathways to Publishing”

Talent Pool Program

We discover talented persons with disabilities and proudly welcome them as valued employees of the KGiSL MicroCollege. This is a program for their independence and for our talent pool enrichment.

Get Involved

Want to be a part of "Happiness Unlimited"? Join us in spreading joy, creating connections, and making a difference. Contact us to learn more about upcoming sessions, volunteering opportunities, or how your organization can collaborate with us.