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NSDC Partnership

NSDC Partnership

The NSDC plays a crucial role in driving the nation’s skilling initiatives and facilitating the creation of a highly competent and job-ready workforce.

The partnership between KGiSL Trust and NSDC marks a significant milestone in the journey toward skill development and employment generation in India. Through this collaboration, KGiSL Trust aims to contribute to the national skilling mission by offering industry-relevant programs, certifications, and training to individuals across various sectors.

Key highlights of this partnership:

  • Offering a diverse range of skill development programs in sectors such as IT, ITeS, and emerging technologies.
  • Developing industry-relevant curriculum and training modules aligned with the dynamic needs of the job market.
  • Providing certifications recognized by industry stakeholders, enhancing employability prospects.
  • Training and upskilling of trainers to ensure high-quality education delivery.
  • Facilitating placement assistance and industry connections for skilled individuals.
  • Promoting continuous learning and skill upgradation to remain relevant in the ever-changing landscape.
  • Leveraging NSDC’s expertise and network to strengthen the impact of skill development initiatives.
  • Contributing to the national skilling mission and driving economic growth through a skilled and competent workforce.