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Great Place To Work
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The ‘KGiSL Educational Institutions Meritorious School Awards’ are celebrated to recognize and felicitate outstanding teachers and students who have displayed a strong sense of initiation, inventiveness, hard work, and exemplary dedication, during their incumbent academic year.

KGiSL Educational Institutions has been felicitating outstanding scholastic performances and inspiring educators in schools across Tamil Nadu since the academic year 2021-22. Smt. N Geetha, M.Sc. M.Ed., Chief Educational Officer, Coimbatore presented the awards to the winners in March 2022. 30 schools were recognized at the ceremony, with awards and certificates being presented to 200 students and 274 teachers.

We uphold the tradition this year as we continue to celebrate over 1200 outstanding scholastic performances, and recognize 300 dedicated and inspiring educators during the Academic Year 2022-23.